freelance design services & rates


We provide the following services, but sometimes with a little help from the experts. All of our designs are original (that means from scratch). We do not promote or work from templates. We work with pretty basic script, but are able to incorporate some of the "fancy" stuff if our clients want it.

Since we prefer to focus on a skill set that will produce a sophisticated and clean looking site (where right clicking is allowed sometimes), complete flash sites are not part of our standard repertoire. We can, however, add some small flash areas here or there. Our focus is on clean, professional design created with basic web standards in mind.


Web Design and/or Development

Online Stores (Ecommerce)



Galleries and Portfolios


Logo Design

Print Design


Fliers (Flyers)


Business Cards

Wedding Invitations and Programs

Other Stuff


Freelance Design Rates

Our rates are generally based per project for web and graphic design; and by quantity for print design. Please contact us directly at, info@bkmgroup.com to obtain an estimate




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