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What is a Resume or CV?


A resume or curriculum vitae is not only a document stating employment history - it is much more. A resume is a snapshot of your accrued skills, strengths and creative talents. To an employer, a resume IS you – and it will be what compels them to either contact you or to throw your resume into the wastebasket, along with your dreams and aspirations.


For a resume to be successful, it must do three things:

1. Convey a positive image of yourself to the employer in less than five seconds

2. Showcase how you can satisfy the employer’s needs better than any other applicant.

3. Compel the employer to contact you for an interview.


How can a resume do this?

1. The writer must know what skills the employer requires in an employee.

2. The writer must have expertise in the written word.

3. The writer must know how to produce a document that will highlight relevant skills in an informative, effective and

concise manner.


A poorly written resume conveys the same impression to the employer as showing up at the interview in tattered and torn clothing.


What is a cover letter?

A cover letter does more than complement a resume - it plays a vital role in helping you achieve your goal of expanding your horizons and reaching your potential. Always include a cover letter with your reesume.


In one page, your cover letter will:

- Introduce yourself to the prospective employer.

- Tell him/her for what position you are applying.

- Prompt him/her to contact you to set up an interview.

- And most importantly, show the employer why you are the best available candidate!


Many people make the mistake of being redundant in their cover letter and resume. An excellent cover letter is one that enhances, not mirrors, the resume. The main purpose of the cover letter is to introduce yourself and your resume to the employer. The cover letter should broadly highlight your skills, while the job of the resume is to define those skills and explain how they will benefit the employer.


Remember that employers do not want to read the same information twice!


We highly recommend printing your cover letter on the same style of watermarked paper as your resume. The person who was hired for your job did!




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